Are you dissatisfied with your IT services?

Is your monthly IT bill steep but the service seems outdated?

Do you want to improve the performance of your desktop infrastructure, and save in energy costs?


Here is what we can do…

We can change all your desktop computers in your office for new ones (Zero Client technology) at no additional cost.

We can install a Server that centrally manages your entire technological infrastructure, without paying for it separately.

We will migrate all your existing data to the new Server and create all the levels of access and security available to each user.

If you wish, we can remove all your old equipment, so you do not have to deal with disposal of unwanted technology.

We will monitor your computers 24/7; and if you need, we can change your computer virtually in minutes.

We can setup a new workstation virtually in seconds, included in your Professional IT Service Plan.

Depending on how much you pay now for your IT services, your monthly bill may be lower and include better services.

We give 24/7 support via email or online chat. IT professionals are one click away!

What do you need to do, to get this extraordinary option?

Call us at 301-825-5581 or chat with us

To schedule a visit from one of our sales agents to do an evaluation of your current desktops.

Sign a service contract with us

To get a professional IT support at a lower price, minimum for 18 months.

Schedule a date and time

To perform the installation of the Zero Clients and the migration of information.

What advantages will you have with this new service?

No need to purchase a desktop PC ever again, the equipment is yours to keep!

At no extra charge, the Server hardware will receive a routine upgrade for optimal reliability.

Paying for separate licenses on each of your workstations is obsolete; software licenses will reside only on the centralized Server.

The Zero Clients only consume 5 Watts; your current desktop consumes 150 Watts, this will result in a 95% savings in energy costs! GO GREEN!

You will also SAVE on your IT service costs; we guarantee to charge you less than what your current IT service is billing you.

Zero Client hardware lasts a lifetime; the probability that we need to replace any of them is minimal.

Peace of mind… it is vital to leave this type of service in expert hands.

We are working to change the Technological Matrix in America, with the important objective of obtaining better results for our clients with this new experience called Zero Client technology, so…


Your Professional IT Service!

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Our IT Service has a team of interpersonal skills, business management, motivation, and education. The Pro's at your service!

  • We are experts in systems monitoring
  • We give solutions in minutes
  • Our commitment to the customer is permanent
  •  Rapid Solutions
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Frequently Asked Questions

There isn't one! It is as simple as ordering and signing an 18 month contract with us. Once that is complete, we will do the rest!
It depends on the number of desktops you have, but we can assure you the monthly price will be less than your current IT service is billing you.
You get billed every single month only for the IT service, the equipment is yours to keep.
Yes! It's a sweet deal.
Yes, but only if it's necessary. The revision protocol has 3 stages, 1.- is the revision of our support operators online, that in 95% of the times solve the incidents, 2.- if they cannot resolve the problem, they pass it to a supervisor who takes charge, these cases occur 3% of the time, and 3.- if the situation has not been resolved, one of our technicians visits your facilities to solve the problem.
Depending on the number of computers that we must change, as a parameter, a company that has 10 computers, it could take between 2 - 4 hours.

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